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  • Derivative’s Touchdesigner
  • Cycling 74’s MaxMSP
  • C#
  • Python
  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Over 5 Years of leading teams in the development of technical interactive installation
  • Demonstrated history of designing, developing and delivering large-scale high-profile experiences


  • Masters of Research – Impactors of UX in Immersive Spaces
  • 1st Honors Bachelor of Science – Interactive Media Design
  • Chartered Management Institute – Level 5 Certificate of Leadership & Management
  • Award Winning KTP graduate – Boosting Scottish Economy
  • Recognized ‘Disruptor’ to business in Scotland (as recognized by ‘the Hunter Foundation’)
  • Worldwide working and living experience
  • Recognized persons of specialist skills – Previous H-1b Visa holder

#Bleedforthethrone - Game of Thrones Experience

HBO, Game of Thrones and the American Red Cross partnered up to offer GOT fans a one in a life time experience, in exchange for their blood. #bleedforthethrone encouraged fans to donate blood to the American Red Cross, their reward was a unique, interactive and engaging Game of Thrones experience. Held during SXSW 2019.

The AES - A Tool to Inspire Musicians

The AES (Audio Effects System) is a tool to help encourage musical artists to explore and discover the possibilities afforded through their voices & natural sound. It is a device that can be used as freely in a live show or performance as it is as an educating tool.

Soluis Immersive Portal - KTP initiative

The Soluis Portal is a unique immersive experience designed and developed over three years, funded by a Scottish government Knowledge Transfer Partnership in a bid to improve industry through application of direct innovative research. Embedding in the company as an immersive technology expert, the Portal was developed from prototype structure into commercial success.

Immersive Projection Toolkit - Pixel Perfect

The Immersive Projection Toolkit is a professional tool for the assitance in developing, preparing and performing completely integrated projection shows.

The toolkit integrates projection show control tools, playback system, keystoner, multi-fidelity pixel mapping tools and edge blending.

Complete Immersion - 360 degree experience

Working under Sublime Digital I formed the technical lead of the design, development and engineering teams for a unique 360 degree 24 foot, 12 projector experience.

8k @ 60fps, real-time games engine compatible. Offering unique brand engagements and immersive experiences from a user controlled iPad.

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 - FII Launch

To launch three new cities aiming to provide economic stability without oil, the Saudi Arabian government wanted to hold a groundbreaking event. Utilizing three x 24 foot projection domes and a bespoke 42 foot immersive cylinder. Sublime created 4 unique immersive engaging scenesetter experiences.

Wework - Immersive Wework Cube

To announce a new key strategic partnership with SoftBank, Wework wanted to show their amazing offices and facilities to a new international office.

In a unique projected experience users were able to visit a number of office around the globe using the (at the time) highest quality real 360 degree capture using the Nokia OZO camera.

Hyper-Realist Kinect Skeleton Movement & Character Control

To create hyper realistic human movement in a puppeteer style control system, I developed and implemented a unique control system using the partial data from the Microsoft Kinect skeleton tracking system. Building an independent system that allowed for much finer control over rotation, position and realistic arm and leg movements not normally available from the Kinect’s sensor allowed for a much more immersive experience.

Programming for People

An idea, that became a hobby, that became a company.

Programming for People is a Youtube based learning resource for the design, development and implementation of creative computing techniques in immersive and interactive environments. With over 100 pieces of individual content, over 500,000 hours of watch time and boasting over 10,000 unique visitors each month it is one of the largest single source supplier of creative coding tutorials on the internet!

Unique Interactive Gesture System - HTC VIVE

Operating in unique large format immersive spaces leads to a number of questions on best control methods for multiple users in 3D spaces.

For positioning company TOPCON, having users interact and control their complex 3D point cloud data in a intuitive way was essential.

To address this need, we developed a one-of-a-kind interactive 3D control system for multiple users.

Misread Signs - immersive gallery CAVE

An immersive 3 channel projection system used to bring to life art and performance surrounding the concepts of trauma on the human psyche.

Developed for Austin artist Yuliya Lanina, the projection system used the unique surfaces within the hosting gallery to allow an audience to step inside an animation, and gain deeper connection to the art, theme and images of the exhibition.

The system culminated in 3 unique live performance mixing live action and animation for a select audience.

Teaching, Workshops & Lectures

Operating as a ‘Professor at Practice’, I use knowledge and experience from professional developments to create unique learning based on real-world experience.

Normally talking points include:

  • User Experience in shared spaces
  • Immersive Domes
  • Touchdesigner
  • Developing for live interaction

This section links out to an alternative portfolio page specifically for teaching, lecturing and workshops.


What does our data look like in the future? A Distopian installation exploring the constant monitoring, tracking & targeting of citizens data in the not-so-distant future. City|Data|Future was an interactive experience that tracked users in a space, gathering data and displaying visual queues as they walked through the exhibition space.

Real-time Projection Pre-visualizer

When working with unique immersive and large interactive technologies, there is often a requirement to test both the feasibility of a design and achieve stakeholder sign-off on any radical design elements.

To facilitate this I developed a pre-visualization tool using Touchdesigner that can automatically import 3D models and correctly assign lights, projectors and displays as labeled in the model hierarchy.

The Game-Stallation - game theory brought to life

To showcase the idea of game theory in practice. The interactive children’s museum the ‘Thinkery’ was looking to create an unique interactive experience that got people active, interactive and talking – even with complete strangers.

The Game-Stallation uses common theories of competition, repetition and difficulty to create an interactive and immersive behavior changing game for the masses.

Electric Forest - Interactive Light Sculpture

Electric Forest, is comprised of 16 pylons of light, that falls like rain from the canopy of a forest during a storm.

As users walked through the 8ft pylons light begins to fall faster and slower in response to their movements and proximity to the experience.

Regardless of the extreme deadline and budget, the project and installation were a success. With over 5000 visitors individually engaging with Electric Forest during the weekend.