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The Game-stallation – Game theory brought to life

This installation was developed for the ‘Thinkery’ museum as an affiliation between the University of Texas at Austin.

A children’s museum installation that uses common mechanics from game-theory to bring to life behavior changing ideology in a fun and interactive way.

Behavior Changing Game-Theory

In a special event under the guise of ‘GetyourGameon’ the Thinkery museum in Austin Texas was looking for a unique installation that got people moving, dancing and interacting with each other – even strangers.

The Game-Stallation uses commonly reference game-theory of replay-ability, challenge and competition to encourage complete strangers to compete in Red vs Blue balloon popping chaos. 

The projected overhead environment uses the latest computer vision tracking to allow for as many users as can fit to compete to interact with the completely real-time physic simulated balloons and actually pop them with force!

This project involved working closely with the museum for what was and was not appropriate for the space used and accessible to children.
The system made use of a kinect v2 and a bespoke computer visual implementation to visualize and track ‘blobs’ within the projected space.
The installation went live on a special launch event on the evening of May 16th.
Art provided by Gabriela Dudzic:

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