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Soluis Immersive Portal
This work was completed during my time with Soluis, in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University and the Scottish Government.


The Soluis Portal is a unique immersive experience designed and developed over three years, funded by a Scottish government Knowledge Transfer Partnership in a bid to improve industry through application of direct innovative research. Embedding in the company as an immersive technology expert, the Portal was developed from prototype structure into commercial success.

the Portal

The Soluis Immersive Portal is a free standing, 4 meter, 180 degree seamless projection space designed to accommodate shared immersive experiences across a number of domains including realty, architecture, design and marketing.

Using a bespoke content management and projection blending system the Portal is able to project seamless 4K images from almost any source possible include standard 16:9 presentations, immersive fulldome content, real-time games engine experiences and interactive simulations.
Over a number of iterations the Portal was developed to utilize unique and novel interaction technologies from voice to gesture, all with the aim of improving its commercial appeal and profitability.
Over the course of three years I lead the design, development and refinement of the existing Portal prototyping into a fully viable commercial solution. Including the heralding of a number of new innovative integrations from automatic projection blending and improved real-time graphics performance.
Changes took place in both software and hardware with the implementation of a bespoke control system for non-experts and a unique server configuration to allow maximum throughput.
The Portal is still commercially offered and utilized by numerous high profile clients. More here.

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