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Electric Forest – Interactive Light Sculpture
This work was completed with a deadline of under two weeks. From conception to implementation.
Fortress Festival, in its second full year of development were looking to boost their visitor experience during their weekend long festival. The head of art and entertainment asked as short notice for the development of an immersive, interactive light sculpture to engage visitors into the evening.

Let there be light.

Electric Forest, is comprised of 16 pylons of light, that falls like rain from the canopy of a forest during a storm.

As users walked through the 8ft pylons light begins to fall faster and slower in response to their movements and proximity to the experience.

All hand wired and programmed the installation used over 1000 individually addressable LEDs, 1000ft of wire, all seamlessly integrated into the surroundings and completely weatherproof. Users were encouraged to touch, hit, and play with the pylons as they wanted – all prompting different reactions and interactions with the ‘rainfall’.

Electric Forest was also host to unique light show, and fire dancing performances during the weekend.

Regardless of the extreme deadline and budget, the project and installation were a success. With over 5000 visitors individually engaging with Electric Forest during the weekend.


From planning, designing and integration the experience, managing programmers and dealing with site managers and contractees. The whole Electric Forest experience came together in under 2 weeks.
Programming support by Abhi Velaga:

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