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The AES (Audio Effects System)

A Glasgow, UK, based musician wanted to encourage artists of all ages to explore the possibilities with their voice and music. He commissioned the AES as part of an ongoing experiment with voice, audio and education.

The AES (Audio Effects System) is a tool to help encourage musical artists to explore and discover the possibilities afforded through their voices & natural sound. It is a device that can be used as freely in a live show or performance as it is as an educating tool.

The System

Built in MAXMSP, via microphone input the AES allows users to easily toggle and control various sampling and altering effects all in real-time through a unique wireless, touchscreen-based controller.
More complex inputs and alterations are controllable via desktop-based GUI.
Users will be able to set, recall and toggle their own pre-set configurations of effects and parameters at any time during playback.

There are four (4) effects for the first version of the AES:

  1. Frequency alteration (boost or crush the input frequency)

  2. Delay (stacking feature)

  3. Time stretch

  4. Freeze (stacking feature)

Both the activation and order of the effects are controllable. Eg A user will be able to decide which order the effects are triggered, as well as whether an effect should be enabled at all.

In a unique development the client (a Glasgow based musician and entrepreneur) was happy to let the whole development process be recorded and shared publicly. As such the AES development is documented in entirety here.

I was entirely responsible for the creative, design and development of the AES for the client.

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