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Programming for People
Programming for People is an educational teaching company – focusing on the delivery of bespoke creative computing applications. Originally, created with a laptop on a dresser, our recording practise has changed, but our video methods have not. Over 3 years.

The Mission

Programming for People was started to address the lack of common knowledge amongst creative coders. Everyone is quick to share thier product, but not the methods required to make something. 

Currently host to over 100 different videos covering topics from all areas of creative and interactive computing. Physical sensors, API interfacing, projection mapping and show controllers there are videos on nearly every creative application widely adopted in industry.

Programming for People is one of the largest single source video providers in the world and is recognized by industry and professionals world wide. Boasting over 10,000 monthly visitors the company continues to grow from it’s humble roots of a laptop propped up on a dresser.

Programming for People monetizes it’s free educational offering by selling bespoke creative code applications and project support tools remotely.

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