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TopCon – Immersive Gesture System
This work was completed during my time with Sublime as Technical Lead.
Topcon wanted to use an immersive shared space to explore some of the newest features in their point-cloud data software. One of the main aspects was to allow users intuitive control over, and within, the data on screen. Using the innovative HTC VIVE gesture controllers, we developed a one-of-a-kind 3D system to allow multiple users control over millimeter accurate data.

The Control System

Using the newly available VIVE ‘puck’ controller we were able to implement and read the six degrees of freedom movement and rotation data from the VIVE system within a unique Touchdesigner environment.

This data allowed us to develop an understanding of user position, rotation and specifically where they were pointing the controller.

Translating from the real to virtual space seamlessly putting users inside, and in control of, the data completely surrounding them.

The final system allowed users to move, warp, change elevation, rotation as well as toggle different data layers and information on and off. Measure distances and take accurate topography data readings all from a single controller.

Working with the VP of software, we were able to design, develop and implement a unique Touchdesigner system and vector translation tool allowing direct input from the VIVE gesture system into any 3D program of our choosing. This involved custom CHOP C++ chop development as well as a unique user experience analysis for a never before implemented control system.

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