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Sublime Projection Dome
This work was completed during my time with Sublime/Soluis as Technical Lead.
The Sublime 8m Portal or ‘Situ8’ Dome is the developed commercial product derived from the initial systems made for the Saudi Arabian Royal PIF Exhibition. It uses 12 seamlessly blended projectors to create a complete 360 degree immersive brand experience chamber.

The Portal

A detailed 9 month development took the initial design and system iterations and refined their efficiency and non-expert usability & user experience.
By developing, and adapting a previously internal content management system and by applying my ‘large-scale systems playback’ research the ‘Situ8’ Dome is a user deploy-able 12 projector, automatically calibrated, 8K playback system. The Portal is able to support real-time content played via modern game engines (unreal/unity) via a unique full-dome plugin developed for within each environment.
The 12 projector output system supports complete 360 wrap round immersion with a covering aspect ratio of up-to 270 degrees depending on deployment.
My role spanned the majority of the design and development of the Portal, from projector placement, lens types, system schematics and 8K playback horsepower through to seamless mapping integration and user control systems.

The Portal’s success revolves around a dedicated Touchdesigner & web-server back-end developed between myself and the VP of software.

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