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Saudi Vision 2030 – FII Launch Event
This work was completed during my time with Sublime/Soluis as Technical Lead.


In 2017, I was honored to lead the technical design, development and implementation of four ‘Giga-structures’ showcasing the vision for Saudi Arabia’s future during their launch announcement from the PIF (Public Investment Fund) of Saudi Arabia during the 2017 conference.

The Giga-Projects

Neom, Quiddiya and The Red Sea Project.


The creative direction for the whole exhibition set out to showcase each of the new developments in unique one-of-a-kind immersive 360 degree projected domes –  a ‘Portal’.
The exhibition also called for a truly special experience to showcase the concepts of Vision 2030 for each visitor, what became the ‘Megashow’ projected cylinder.
Three 8-meter, 12 projection, 28Mpixel, 60 FPS, 360° dome experiences and one 14-meter diameter (7-meter high) ‘Mega Show’ interactive cylinder were created.
With a combined 44 projectors, six control systems and a required 24/7 up-time the systems were all developed into seamless mixed audio, video experiences to leave a lasting impression.
From developing bespoke content and playback systems and hardware, delivering a non-technical user experience through to hand picking the technical delivery teams flown to site I was responsible for the seamless user experience journey and technical delivery of the event and experiences.

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