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Immersive Projection Toolkit
The Immersive Projection Toolkit is a packaged system that is designed to allow its users to have ultimate control over unique projection mapped experiences. From mapping through to performance the toolkit is designed to allow for pixel level detail mapping and warping functions.

The Toolkit

Originally a personal tool used at live events, specifically focused on fulldome projection mapping, the IPT has evolved into a professional tool designed to help ease the stress of manually mapping and displaying content on bespoke structures and surfaces.

The toolkit is designed to allow for complete control from setup, mapping through to display and performance with a number of devices and systems in place to aid a performer or technician at each stage.

Over years of development and performance in domes the mapping system and pixel precision warping have been developed to what I find the easiest but most efficient methods of control.

The toolkit is developed, and embedded, entirely within Touchdesigner.

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