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Virtual Reality Projector Pre-visualization & Product Calculation Tools
When developing immersive projection products there is a inherit requirement to understand the effects of users, ambient light and other external objects on the images that can and cant be projected.
Using a smart auto-importer and a combination of VR products and various levels of quality the installation pre-visualizer is able to help designers master a creative brief, and get client sign-off on the final production.


Using Touchdesigner and VR tools such as Oculus Rift I developed a number of tools to allow for hyper accurate projector placement and lens representation within a 3D model. The main purposing being able to check for projected image overlap (a normal of 30% is recommended between multiple projector systems) as well as the occlusion and shadow cast by users within said immersive space. 

The main benefit of VR utilization allows for designers and creatives to ‘be’ within the space and experience the results of their work and potential breaks-in-presence first hand, in as true to final product as possible.

The tools and methodologies utilized here are the main development practice taught via my ‘Designing Virtual Worlds’ class. Educating future creative technologists and interaction designers how to correctly visualize and represent their developments to stakeholders. 

From inital prototype through to complete implementation, I developed all the iterations of the vizualisation tool.

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