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Available for:

Interactive Touchdesigner Development

User Experience Consultancy

Immersive Creative Direction

Physical Computing Implementation

Highlighted Work

The Game-Stallation - game theory brought to life

To showcase the idea of game theory in practice. The interactive children’s museum the ‘Thinkery’ was looking to create an unique interactive experience that got people active, interactive and talking – even with complete strangers.

The Game-Stallation uses common theories of competition, repetition and difficulty to create an interactive and immersive behavior changing game for the masses.

The Game-stallation went live at a special event on the evening of the 16th May. It was used by over 1000 people and over 8000 balloons were harmed on opening night alone. 

Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 - FII Launch

To launch three new cities aiming to provide economic stability without oil, the Saudi Arabian government wanted to hold a groundbreaking event. Utilizing three x 24 foot projection domes and a bespoke 42 foot immersive cylinder. Sublime created 4 unique immersive engaging scenesetter experiences.

Working under Sublime Digital I was responsible for the whole technical experience. Managing 44 individual projectors, blending systems and the combined client control system for seamless playback throughout the event.

Misread Signs - immersive art CAVE

An immersive 3 channel projection system used to bring to life art and performance surrounding the concepts of trauma on the human psyche.

Developed for Austin artist Yuliya Lanina, the projection system used the unique surfaces within the hosting gallery to allow an audience to step inside an animation, and gain deeper connection to the art, theme and images of the exhibition.

I designed, developed, implemented and managed the whole technical infrastructure of the gallery exhibition & live performances.

#Bleedforthethrone - Game of Thrones Experience

HBO, Game of Thrones and the American Red Cross partnered up to offer GOT fans a one in a life time experience, in exchange for their blood. #bleedforthethrone encouraged fans to donate blood to the American Red Cross, their reward was a unique, interactive and engaging Game of Thrones experience. Held during SXSW 2019.

Brought in as a Touchdesigner contractor, I helped design, develop and implement a realistic, interactive snow system – controlled via Kinect and hand movements. As well as general installation elements throughout.

Complete portfolio

What I do

I am Michael McKellar. I’m an experience designer and interactive creator focused on the development and delivery of unique, engaging experiences and interactive installations. From mobile devices to VR to room-scale XR, I use my background in human-computer interaction and user experience research to design, develop and implement systems that encourage user interaction, develop brand engagement and allow for a long-lasting impression on all that’s experience it.

In my spare time I currently run ProgrammingforPeople, a way of giving back to the creative computing community. Teaching those willing to learn the methods and theories in interactive and immersive computing development.



Interaction Design

Development of room filling, five-sense filling, flabbergasting experiences for brands and agencies alike. Experience with mix mediums from VR HMDs to 360 degree projected CAVEs & with multiple unique input methods from leap motion to Kinect skeleton tracking.

Creative Brief & Documentation

Understanding and developing unique creative briefs and pitches for a variety of client needs. From initial concept pitches through to development team leadership.

Unique Projection Mapping

From 3D sculptures to blended 360 degree hybrid spaces. I have experience designing and delivering unique projection mapped and blended spaces including the systems required to control & map them.

User Experience

Analyzing user journeys, impactors on experience and overall developmental steps to improve user experience in modern digital interfaces. From web pages to immersive spaces.

VR & AR Creative & Development

Hands on design & development experience with modern commercial and industry VR/AR devices. In both user experience journeying and practical implementations in game engine environments.

Hybrid Media Development

Experience with videos, audio, images and projection editing, refinement and creation for cross media platforms.


Interactive Programming & Design

End-to-end design, development and execution of a range of interactive and immersive activation’s.

Python, Touchdesigner, Unity, Unreal, iOS, Web & Mobile.

Projection Design & Mapping

Built facades, wrap around experiences, 360 degree structures and everything in between. Hands on experience with power, data and control protocols for all occurrences from low light through to arena projection equipment to create seamless user experiences.

Creative Direction

Advising, designing and documenting user experience and creative direction briefs and documents for a variety of use-cases from client pitch through to development team leadership.