At its core, Misread Signs is a conventional gallery exhibition. Showcasing all the original works surrounding the central theme. Both a visual and performing artist, creator Yuliya Lanina wanted to deepen the connection of the audience to the themes of trauma. To do this, Yuliya turned her original art work into a unique 5670×1080 px animated journey. 

Showcased in a unique, off axis immersive CAVE system. users are able to enter the narrative of touch, trauma and change on the human psyche.

The exhibit culminated in three unique live performances with Yuliya combining her visual and performance skills to bring the immersive projection further to life.

The Touchdesigner projection system used the unique surfaces within the hosting gallery to allow an audience to step inside an animation, and gain deeper connection to the art, theme and images of the exhibition.

Exhibited March – May 2019.


Client: Yuliya Lanina

Technical development & implementation: Michael Mckellar