As a way to showcase and demonstrate their brand and divisions to clients and visitors HID engaged us to design, develop and implement this unique showroom within their Austin HQ.

Featuring three different expereinces – a digital timeline of the company, a brand story expereince and a product showcase – all shown on 98″ touchscreens.

Built from the ground up, the experiences utilise a vast content management system and bespoke Touchdesigner interaction systems. HID staff are able to update and control content on the fly, making changes for specific guests and general maintenance of the experineces to add or remove key events within any of the three systems.


This is a permanent install HID’s headquarters in Austin, TX. 

Experience Design Lead: Ryan Padgett

Project Manager: Kari Boots

Visual Designers: Sarah Thomas, Stephanie Fleury

Experience Developer: Michael McKellar

Web + Backend Developer: Ryan Beymer, Mike Wagner

3D Modelling: Liam Wedge, Lorett Foth

2D Animation: Dieter Galvan