HBO, Game of Thrones and the American Red Cross partnered up to offer GOT fans a one in a life time experience, in exchange for their blood. #bleedforthethrone encouraged fans to donate blood to the American Red Cross, their reward was a unique, interactive and engaging Game of Thrones experience.

One of the experience was an interactive recreation of the Jon Snow ‘For the Watch’ scene. Users were able to approach a kinect controlled trigger that placed them into the shoes of character Jon Snow. During a period of ‘free play’ users were able to fully control the skeleton and character of Jon Snow. 


Developed as a Touchdesigner interactive system the showcase included the ability to interact with all elements of the visual scene, including a real-time, realisitc snow drifts.

Held during SXSW 2019.

Client: Accomplice/ Giant Spoon / HBO

Immersive Media Lead: Ryan Padgett

Lighting + Projection Lead: Blake Manns

Project / Account Manager: Jenny Kroening

Fabrication / Engineering Lead: Scott Starr

Touchdesigner Development: Dom Davis, Michael McKellar

iOS Development: Tony Llongueras

Visual Design Support: Kristen Keiser