2020 EXPO

This work was completed during my time with Sublime/Soluis as Technical Lead.


In 2017, I was honored to lead the technical design, development and implementation of four ‘Giga-structures’ showcasing the vision for Saudi Arabia’s future during their launch announcement from the PIF (Public Investment Fund) of Saudi Arabia during the 2017 conference.


Neom, Quiddiya and The Red Sea Project.

The creative direction for the whole exhibition set out to showcase each of the new developments in unique one-of-a-kind immersive 360 degree projected domes –  a ‘Portal’.
The exhibition also called for a truly special experience to showcase the concepts of Vision 2030 for each visitor, what became the ‘Megashow’ projected cylinder.
Three 8-meter, 12 projection, 28Mpixel, 60 FPS, 360° dome experiences and one 14-meter diameter (7-meter high) ‘Mega Show’ interactive cylinder were created.
With a combined 44 projectors, six control systems and a required 24/7 up-time the systems were all developed into seamless mixed audio, video experiences to leave a lasting impression.

Held during October 2017 – King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center, Saudi Arabia

Client: Soluis / Circo De Bakuza / FII

Creative Concept & Design: Laura McHard

Technical Lead & Implementation: Michael Mckellar

Software developer: Robert McMillan

Production: Derek Rae

Onsite Technician: Khalook Alyassin