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Visual Programming


The entire goal of visual programming is to both introduce and teach the fundamentals and beyond of the development environment  Touchdesigner ( A software commonly associated with large-scale interactive and immersive experiences.

Learning covers most aspects of creation inside Touchdesigner beginning at simple 2D graphic manipulation growing in complexity through to external library, data sources and API integrations such as twitter.

Assessments methods are designed to ensure learning key skills while encouraging creative freedom:

1: Weekly technical challenges that test and reinforce the learning from class and ensure students are gathering adequate working knowledge inside Touchdesigner

2: Design and implementation projects allowing creative freedom to apply learning in a way that suit students

3: Real-world implementation projects. Designing and developing show control and interaction tools for a liver performance setting at the end of each term


Throughout various times in my professional life I have found myself in academic settings.
The classes listed here are from a spell in Austin, at the School of Creative Design and Technology - Known as a 'professor at practice' - My modules focused on practical outcome and taught skills rather than conventional lecturing. Whether this be in a specific software or theory of design principle all modules were assessed completely on student work and development.