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Various – Interactive/Immersive Control systems

The VIVE portion of this work was directly executed while working for Soluis/Sublime.
While working in the novel fields of virtual and augment reality there are a number of issues that convectional UI/UX designers do not need to face.
While operating in non-HMD bound immersive technologies the ways in which users interact and control content is as vital as the content itself.
Over a number of years, for different clients and vast requirement scopes I’ve design and prototype’d various interaction input, output and experience creating tools. Those that suited individual purposes were taken to full development and integration with support of the software team.
Examples include:
  • Gesture based input with MYO & Leap motion
  • Tether-less 3D input with bespoke VIVE integration
  • Speech recognition input & computerized output
  • Top down projection tracking
  • OSC connected smart apps
  • Point Cloud depth data 

Creative Technologist



When not operating a Technical Lead capacity, work as a Creative Technologist focused on the design and development of high-efficiency projection and immersive experience products for both general sale and bespoke product requirements.
Focusing on interactivity, physical computing and bespoke playback systems