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Introduction to Touchdesigner for Real-time Development

This class was taught in Austin,TX – hosted by the amazing Dadageek

Learn professional video programming

This class will focuses on a complete introductory investigation into the real-time sandbox environment Touchdesigner. Used by media artists and professional companies worldwide Touchdesigner is one of the most sought after interactive and creative tools in the industry today. This class will take students through a learning process that introduces each core element of the unique development environment.

Touchdesigner is quickly becoming one of the most popular and innovative products in the creative computing market. Its open sand-box abilities mean that there are very little limitations on what is possible within it or the potential outputs students can create. Everyone from successful creative agencies (moment factory, BRDG, MeowWolf, etc) through to FTSE 100 companies (Microsoft, Google, etc) use it in a variety of applications from prototyping through to bespoke creation. For now, Touchdesigner is the creative future!