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The Portal Experience – Multiplayer VR product showcase

This work was completed during my time with Sublime/Soluis as Technical Lead.
The Portal Experience solves the problem of how to showcase an large-scale immersive product to clients in remote or un-served locations. Initially developed as a rapid prototype to showcase the projection dome product to Australia’s largest commercial bank developer. Implemented within Unreal Engine using both desktop and Oculus Rift viewing modes, it uses the architecturally accurately model from our manufacturing to guarantee real-to-life sizing, when combined with the Oculus set up process for room-scale VR.
The last developed version of The Portal Experience expanded to allow for multi-user compatibility so that marketing and sales teams could be present with external clients while reviewing content, and pitching the product as a tool for sales. This used Unreal Engines built in Multi-player tools combined with some propitiatory coding to run the experience on a dedicated server based in a number of round-the-world locations.
Initial idea, prototype and implementation where a solo development project to meet client needs at the time. It later became a leadership project overseeing the development team correctly implementing the further iterations of the Portal Experience.. 

Creative Technologist



When not operating a Technical Lead capacity, work as a Creative Technologist focused on the design and development of high-efficiency projection and immersive experience products for both general sale and bespoke product requirements.
Focusing on interactivity, physical computing and bespoke playback systems