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Multi-Output Bespoke Server Design

A skill that has developed through the majority of technical or interactive work requiring bespoke playback systems. 
With a large amount of previous research into the impactors and requirements for better experience via technical factors I have developed a wealth on knowledge and experience in the design and building of bespoke immersive playback systems.
From memory access rates, pixel throughput calculations to total GPU utilization efficiency the combination of applied research and practical building are a versatile tool.
I have direct hands on experience with delivering:
  • Rendered 16k@60fps content (134 MPixels) outputting in real-time to 16 frame synced outputs
  • Real-time 4k@60fps content to 12 frame synced outputs
  • NDI/SDI Experience
  • 4k content capture
  • Remote Server ingesting & re-broadcasting

Creative Technologist



When not operating a Technical Lead capacity, work as a Creative Technologist focused on the design and development of high-efficiency projection and immersive experience products for both general sale and bespoke product requirements.
Focusing on interactivity, physical computing and bespoke playback systems