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Physical Computing & Sensing for Real-time Performance in Touchdesigner

This class was taught in Austin,TX – hosted by the amazing Dadageek


We are pleased to announce Michael McKellar, assistant professor at UT and artist from Scotland will be joining dadageek for a unique workshop focusing on digital augmentation of the physical body for performance. This is an incredibly unique opportunity for artists and engineers who have an interest in body tracking for theater, dance, or music, to learn in a focused, hands-on, and collaborative environment.

In this 5-week intermediate level workshop-style course, students will be guided through the design, development, and implementation of systems to gather and delivery data for real-time interactive experiences. Students will be responsible for building a system that can track, sense and process data of a group of performers in a live show setting.

This course is for those interested in creative computing, interactive art, and exploratory experiences. Specifically, those with an interest in the ‘how’ things are done rather than just the art they showcase. This course is a unique offering in that the outcomes will be vital to a great showcase, yet should be invisible to those who don’t know they are there!

Students will learn how to correctly identify, utilize and, implement the correct hardware and software for bespoke large space interactive and experience-based installations. This workshop will include practical hands-on experiences in the exploratory usage of cameras, sensors and data protocols to create functional and adaptable dynamic sensing systems for live performance.