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Generative Visual Media

This class is a lab based, exploratory learning exercise in the creation, manipulation and control of visual media.
By offering targeted instruction for students wanting to expand their research into the creation and generation of real-time visuals for live events. Learning explores the uses of selective visual media and accompanied interactivity for use in such areas as electronic dance music, interactive art, music concerts as well as dance performances. 
Students will utilize their existing digital and traditional skillsets to generate and manipulate imagery in real-time, introducing the use of hardware sensors, control protocols and projection mapping. Using industry standard software and hardware this course will take existing visual creation knowledge into a more practical performance-based avenue.
This class culminates in a large scale live event know as a VJ battle, where students showcase their skills against each other in the pressure of a real environment.


Throughout various times in my professional life I have found myself in academic settings.
The classes listed here are from a spell in Austin, at the School of Creative Design and Technology - Known as a 'professor at practice' - My modules focused on practical outcome and taught skills rather than conventional lecturing. Whether this be in a specific software or theory of design principle all modules were assessed completely on student work and development.