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Designing Virtual Worlds

This lecture/lab course serves as the introduction to the design process for immersive digital environments. The approach to teaching allows students to actively participant in discussion, learning and review of important past and present work and practitioners.
Students will explore and develop skills in the common methodologies and technologies for the design, development and review of virtual worlds.
Such as designing user journeys, understanding interaction methods and progressions as well as skills for demonstrating these aspects in 3D to potential clients.
While Designing Virtual Worlds is a theory based learning class it allows students unique hands on opportunities with rare technologies such as 360 degree cameras and virtual reality headsets as they explore the concepts of user experience and design methods. 


Throughout various times in my professional life I have found myself in academic settings.
The classes listed here are from a spell in Austin, at the School of Creative Design and Technology - Known as a 'professor at practice' - My modules focused on practical outcome and taught skills rather than conventional lecturing. Whether this be in a specific software or theory of design principle all modules were assessed completely on student work and development.